Sydney Awards Night Photography
The Australian Reporting Awards

Welcome to our blog page, wherewe’ll take you behind the scenes of the prestigious Australian Reporting Awards (ARA) black tie dinner held at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. This remarkable evening celebrated excellence in reporting and was a truly memorable event for all attendees. As photographers from Koshka Media, a trusted event photography service provider with 10 years of experience, we were honored to photograph the magic of this award night.

The ARA 2023 marked a significant milestone in recognizing individuals and organizations that have achieved outstanding accomplishments in reporting. It was an evening dedicated to honoring the hard work, dedication, and innovation in the field. As guests arrived, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation for the night ahead. The glitz and glamour of the black tie affair perfectly complemented the atmosphere of celebration.

Throughout the night, we maneuvered discreetly, blending into the background while capturing candid shots of guests mingling, engaging in lively conversations, and reveling in the joyous atmosphere. The stunning attire, radiant smiles, and the genuine happiness of award recipients added a touch of elegance to each photograph.

As the event unfolded, notable speakers took the stage, sharing insightful thoughts and experiences in the world of reporting. The audience listened attentively, appreciating the wisdom and knowledge imparted by these industry leaders. The dinner itself was a culinary delight, with delectable dishes that delighted the senses and added to the overall experience.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the moment when the winners were announced, and the deserving individuals and teams stepped forward to receive their certificates and awards. Among them, the gold winner, Main Roads Western Australia, was received by Alan Colegate. The excitement in the room was palpable as applause and cheers filled the air.

Koshka Media’s commitment to delivering the best possible results in event photography shone brightly throughout the evening. Our 10 years of experience in capturing award night photography allowed us to anticipate those special moments, ensuring that each photograph reflected the spirit of the occasion. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and the ability to seize the essence of every event we cover.

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Alan Colegate receives the gold award 2023 of excellence in reporting on behalf of Main Roads Wester Australia

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