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Capturing InvertiGro's Innovation

Recently, Koshka Media, a renowned marketing content photography provider in Sydney, embarked on a challenging assignment at InvertiGro’s workshop in Alexandria, Sydney. The mission? To create compelling marketing content that showcases InvertiGro’s groundbreaking indoor vertical farming solutions. Here, we delve into the complex process and the challenges overcome in this interesting project.

InvertiGro’s workshop, filled with advanced farming boxes lit by LED lights, presented a unique challenge. LED lights, essential for plant growth, emit a spectrum of light that can be tricky to capture accurately on camera. As a marketing content photographer in Sydney we had to balance with available low quality light and our portable studio light to ensure the true essence of InvertiGro’s technology was represented in the best light. The use of reflectors and diffusers was crucial. These tools helped in softening the studio light, making it complement the LED lights rather than overpowering them. It was a delicate balancing act, requiring skill and precision.

Crafting Marketing Content Photography: A Focus on Detail

Throughout the shoot, the emphasis was on creating marketing content that was not only visually stunning but also informative. Each photograph aimed to tell a story — the innovation of InvertiGro, the efficiency and ease of use of their systems, and the sustainability of their approach. Close-up shots of the plants, portraits of staff, internal procedures of measuring the growth and quality of plants. This variety in imagery ensured that the marketing content was diverse, engaging, and informative.

The project at InvertiGro’s workshop was a testament to the expertise of Koshka Media as a marketing photographer in Sydney. By overcoming the challenges of lighting and capturing the essence of InvertiGro’s technology, we created marketing content that was both beautiful and compelling.

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