Sydney Event Photography
Palm House Art Exhibition

On a beautiful day in Sydney, the Palm House in the Botanical Garden played host to an art exhibition “Wild in the Garden of Eden” featuring the works of Amanda Moore, Bronwyn Van de Graaff, and Nicole Robertson. The exhibition was a celebration of still life, portraits of humans and animal creatures, and the beauty of art. We were invited by the artists to provide the event photography and document all the joy of the day.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with the gentle breeze blowing through the palm trees, and a selection of canapes that set the tone for the day. The venue was perfect, with its high glass ceilings and natural light allowing the artwork to shine.

As guests wandered through the exhibition, they were treated to a visual feast, with each painting telling its own unique story. The atmosphere was electric, with a palpable sense of excitement and energy in the air. We had so much fun photographing this event.

The exhibition showcased a range of styles and techniques, each artist bringing their unique perspective to the works on display. Amanda Moore’s still life paintings captured the beauty of everyday objects, imbuing them with a sense of warmth and familiarity that resonated with the audience. Her use of color and texture created a sense of depth and dimension that drew the viewer into each painting.

Bronwyn’s portraits of human subjects were equally captivating, with her use of light and shadow bringing each subject to life. Her subjects appeared almost to glow with an inner radiance, captured perfectly in every brushstroke.

Nicole’s animal portraits were a highlight of the exhibition, showcasing the beauty and majesty of creatures both great and small. Each painting captured the essence of the animal, whether it be the intelligence and playfulness of a dolphin or the quiet dignity of a lion.

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